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You know the drill. How is my Jr., is he good, is he bad? Feel free to crit me! Criticisms are always welcome as long as they are constructive. No flaming please! Comments are screened by default, anon is on and IP login is off.

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Name: Gaignun Kukai Jr.
(His real name Is Rubedo but he does not use it often)
Series: Xenosaga
Age: 27 (but appears to be 12/14)
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Post Ending

Background Link: Xenosaga – Xenosaga Wiki // Gaignun Kukai Jr. (Rubedo) – Xenosaga Wiki

Personality and Abilities )
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Trunk Possession
- Twin Guns
- Casual Clothing
- Western-like Clothing
- Vaporizer
- Ether Drive

Received / Made in the tower
- N/A
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[OOC Permissions]
Backtagging: Always welcome!
Threadjacking: Depends of the thread. If it's not obviously okay, contact me first!
Fourthwalling: Ask me first please! Otherwise it is a no for Junior.
Offensive Subjects: Sure, I mean.
Handwaving / Fade to Black: While I'd rather play out things, sometime we have no choice so if needed, yes.

[IC Permissions]
Hugging him: Why not.
Kissing him: WHY NOT.
Flirting with him: You have weird tastes, but if you want to try.
Falling in love with him: ... If your characters' taste are so poor, that can't be helped.
Injuring him: Contact me first.
Killing him: See above.
Mind controlling him: Nope, sorry unless we plan it.
Using telepathy to communicate with him: Sure why not.
Reading his mind: Contact me first.

His soul/heart/spirit: A good balance between light and darkness.
His powers: He has the power to kill God. need I say more?

Warnings: In spite of the youthful cheerful appearance, his powers are kind of on the god-mode scale. He won't use them unless you're a gigantic douche though.
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